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In the hustle and bustle of your daily routine, where emails, tasks, and deadlines are the constant traffic, Upper East is your gateway to organized success. Want color-coded calendars? Yes, please! Dreaming of a well-executed project? Consider it done. Need streamlined task management? We’ve got it covered. Our team of professional orchestrators fine-tune the flow of your day, ensuring a seamless transition from dawn to dusk. We’ve got every detail covered, allowing you to move through your day with confidence and ease.

We are here to be architects of your success story.

So, what’s our superpower? It’s our ability to infuse your business with order, clarity, and efficiency. We don’t just manage tasks; we transform them, skillfully coordinating resources and crafting practical processes that make sense for you. By weaving project management into your operations, we enable you to execute projects and streamline tasks with seamless precision. 

With our hands firmly on the collaboration wheel, we’re here to help construct your success story, one page at a time. 

We Believe in Challenging the norm

What truly sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to your growth and overall experience. We want you to feel not just heard, but truly understood and valued. This comes down to us tuning into your needs, and cementing relationships that are built to last.

Our number one goal? To make sure each project isn’t just successful, but an enjoyable and impactful experience for everyone involved.

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Elevate your experience with Upper east

Guiding your journey to remarkable outcomes

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01. Consultation + Planning

We craft a custom proposal by performing a deep dive into your business goals, outlining a select mix of our recommended services and strategies.

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02. Execution

This is where our strategic planning meets action, as we begin to put your plan into practice.

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03. Monitor + Optimize

We continuously track the performance of our implemented strategies, using analytic tools and key metrics to ensure they're hitting the mark, and fine-tuning them to maximize results.

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04. Report + Review

We’ll provide regular performance updates and comprehensive reports, showcasing the results and progress achieved.

Hi! I'm Rachel

With over a decade of experience in team and project management, I’ve had the privilege to navigate through unique challenges, transforming them into rewarding experiences. As a Project Management Professional (PMP)®, I’ve honed my skills in guiding complex projects from idea to successful completion. My background as a Division I athlete and special education teacher has instilled in me a unique blend of discipline, adaptability, and strategic thinking that equips me to tackle any business obstacle with confidence and, of course, a few color-coded calendars.

At Upper East, we love taking on big challenges and transforming them into opportunities for growth. With the right experts on board, we work intentionally to ensure your business flourishes.

We’re not merely a company; we’re a vibrant community of like-minded individuals, united by a passion for making a positive impact. Ready to conquer chaos? Join us, and together we’ll turn clutter into clarity.

That’s just how we roll.

"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together."
- Vincent Van Gogh

Marketing Essentials: All Flavor, No Fluff

From marketing campaigns to small-scale projects, we’ve got the zest without the mess

Project Management

Looking for a smoother day-to-day? Our PM's are here for you. From creating processes to organizing tasks, we take the chaos out of your daily routine.

Social Media Marketing

We'll curate compelling content, actively manage engagement, and harness the influence of online communities to propel your brand forward.

Email Marketing

We'll establish a personalized channel of interaction that aligns with your customer's interests and builds a loyal community around your business.

Web Design + Development

Enjoy the benefit of a well-designed, responsive, and optimized website to showcase your brand in the best light.

the calm in the chaos

"Rachel is not only a great human and enjoyable presence to work with, but she gets work DONE. She is skilled at developing timelines that are both realistic and conducive to the best creative output. Rachel's calming presence is invaluable when inevitable curveballs arise - and has the interpersonal skills to motivate teams to deliver on time from a project's start to finish. If you're looking to keep your sanity during a complicated project - you need her on your team."

Rachel H. Associate Creative Director

"Rachel is the most organized, efficient, forward-thinking, and creative PM I have ever had the pleasure of working with! She is a problem solver at heart, and manages projects, teams, and schedules professionally and with poise. Rachel is a joy to have on your team, and I would feel beyond confident placing her at the helm of any project!"

Skyler E. Creative Director / Web Design + Developer

"Navigating a new project for a non-profit organization comes with the challenge of not losing the heart, passion, meaning, energy and drive behind a mission and of those closely impacting that mission. Rachel has a great understanding of how nonprofits can impact our communities with their heart, passion, volunteers and mission as she works closely with her family foundation. When you work with Rachel as a nonprofit leader you instantly feel like you are understood, your project will always hold the mission at the core and she will ensure the success of the project because she genuinely understands how your project impacts the community."

Kathleen T. St. Tammany Parish Hospital Foundation

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